Bass player and former rap star Aslak Hartberg brings out the Roland TR-808 drum machine for his jazz album, and solo debut, "The Dancer"Thousands knew him as Alis from the Norwegian hip hop band Klovner i Kamp. In jazz circles he was known as the bass player in Shining and Jon Eberson Quartet. Now, ten years after his last jazz recording, he sums up his musical career in a new project.

Composer, author, rap artist and bassist Aslak Hartberg’s new project, The Fuzz, premiered during the Oslo Jazz Festival in August 2012, with trumpeter Gunnar Halle, pianist Bugge Wesseltoft and drummer Frode Eggum, to great reviews. Contributing to the album is also trumpeter Sjur Miljeteig.

Out Now: «Dracool / Modé Modé».

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Photos by Ingrid Pop. Download hi-res photos here.