Montée's second album, was easily one of this years most anticipated Norwegain releases. It’s rare to see a band that manages to combine both commercial and radio friendly songwriting skills with such unanimous critical acclaim from the most credible music fanatics. In addition, the band has the personality to reach out to a wide spread audience. They were referred to as a Norwegian super group when Anders Tjore, Erlend Mokkelbost and Maya Vik started the band four years ago. Their varied backgrounds ranged from orchestral pop (Turns) to hardcore punk and alternative rock (JR Ewing). Since then, the trio has excelled in many different areas of the Norwegian music community and beyond (TV shows, fashion and musical side projects). The group is now finally complete with the brilliant instrumentalists Marius Simonsen (drums) and Haakon-Marius Pettersen (keyboards). The band received Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian Grammy Award) for best pop group in 2009 after their debut album "Isle Of Now". The second album "Rendition Of You" was released on April 15th in Norway. So far it has received ecstatic reviews in every major Norwegian newspaper as well as many music and style magazines (see examples below). The album debuted at No. 8 on VG-lista (Norway’s official national chart) and this week climbed up to No. 5. The first single “Ghost” was playlisted for 25 weeks on Norwegian national radio station P3. The follow up single "Faith" is now also on high rotation at P3. It was described by the famous Norwegian music writer Audun Vinger as having "the strongest Norwegian chorus since a-ha’s "Take On Me".
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