In the words of Roskile Festival: The Norwegian rap duo Snow Boyz has made the internet wires turn red-hot in their homeland. Their Atlanta-inspired, hard’n’hazy tune “42” has become the most inescapable and strangely indispensable rap track. It began as a viral phenomenon on Soundcloud, and now it's on everybody’s lips in Norway.
Snow Boyz consists of two brothers, Rafael and Paulo Domingos aka Baby Marley and $k!p. They started out speed-rapping in English, but they soon turned to a special Afro-version of the Norwegian language and slowed down their rap to a drawling tempo. A winning recipe!
Throughout the autumn of 2016, “42” kept surfacing in new remixed versions. Some official, others made by seminal characters in Norwegian rap, others again as straightout goofball versions. Whatever the case, “42” took over the internet, so to speak. Nothing beats the original, of course.
Snow Boyz have plenty of more tunes under their belt. You may have heard their collaboration with Yoguttene on the Afrobeat-tinged "Chillern her" (otherwise check it out here), and even more is in the pipeline.
Don’t miss out on this special Norwegian rap sensation when they flip over Roskilde Festival.

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